Join our passionate fintech team, committed to innovation

At Simple2Trade, we share a common passion for fintech innovation and development. With a mission to becoming a leader in fintech, we encourage and appreciate the efforts of every individual towards innovation.

We value a collaborative work environment, where professionals connect with and assist each other to reach new and higher goals. And, we support you with just the right training and resources to help you get there.


The Place

Where We Innovate!

At Simple2Trade, we appreciate, value and encourage the efforts of every individual putting his contribution in ongoing innovation/development. We enforce workplace collaboration in a manner that keeps professionals connected and can assist each other in completing the assigned tasks.

We provide proper training, technical knowledge and learning time to the new employees coming on-board, so that they can get well-versed with company’s policy, products and technological standards.

We always keep availability of the resources in check to avoid inconvenience to the employees. We take special care in meeting their key needs to keep them focused and dedicated towards their goals.

The Values

that Keep Us Going

We have firm faith in ‘work brings satisfaction’ and hence, keep ourselves bound to it. Nurturing the employees comes under our priority list because a company is known by its working professionals. We encourage the performance with matching rewards and keep motivating the employees to do better.

We understand work satisfaction comes when employees are offered free hand to work, develop and to act. Thus, we offer them freedom to express themselves and support them in all possible conducts.

We keep offering work challenges to the employees to help them grow as a professional and to evaluate their work and intra-personal skills. This ensure mutual development and lays foundation for future growth.

Our mission

Simple2Trade aims to play a vital part in the technical enhancement of Forex industry with a wide range of SaaS based products that can cater varied needs of traders and brokers.

We Believe

We believe in our employees and foster continued growth

We Respect

We respect every client’s need to deliver best-fit solutions

We Care

We take immense care of employees and clients – they define us

The Culture

that Goes Well with Everyone

We maintain stress-free environment at Simple2Trade to help employees in yielding productive results. We offer liberty to the employees to work in their own style. The working days and hours are designed in such a way that employees get enough ‘Me’ and ‘Family’ time.

Our religion at office is work. The employee’s performance does all the talking irrespective of his/her age, sex, caste, colour or anything! We practice equality and hence, provide equal opportunity to grow.

At one hand, we offer attributes, like – appraisal, perks and bonus to the employees based on their performances. On the other hand, we work on developing their skills and working capability to sustain their growth.

The Activities

that Rejuvenate Us

Our corporate bound events and activities help employees to get habituate to commerce culture and to learn about global working standards. Our habit of walking parallel to the latest technical trends keep the employees aware and informed about the innovative tools and techniques.

The social events at Simple2Trade help employees in keeping them the fresh and energized. It also brings the team together and develops trust between them. Further, such activities boost their confidence up.

Our working decorum allows employees to maintain work-life balance and, helps in self-motivation. We thrive for becoming better each day and making Simple2Trade a better place to work and to innovate.

benefits at simple2trade


We are committed to bring fair difference in professional life of customers and employees.


We look for complete dedication of employees and in return we offer complete assistance.

We-The Team

We think, discuss, work, review, evaluate, enjoy and celebrate the success together!


We are performance-oriented company where we value it more than anything.